Xiaomi Buds 4 Review – Powerful Audio with Killer Look!

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Xiaomi Buds 4 is the latest addition to Xiaomi’s line of wireless earbuds. These earbuds offer a sleek and compact design that fits comfortably in your ear. They are perfect for those who are always on the go and want a reliable pair of earbuds that won’t break the bank.

if you have paid attention to xiaomi’s active noise canceling earbuds! You will find that all those models have in-ear design which gives them good active noise canceling effects and reasonable sound quality but for some people or certain methods wearing these earbuds is kind of suffer.

Because the ear tips would continue to put pressure in the ear canal at least for me after an hour where the ink earbuds would make my ears feel uncomfortable.

So I usually only wear these headphones, when there’s a lot of ambient noise such as being on a subway otherwise I prefer to wear semi in-ear earbuds to listen to music and have phone call.

But obviously because these earbuds area bit open to the air for wear when you wear them ambient noise would become a problem.

Even if it’s just a keyboard tapping sound in office of course we want a comfortable wearing experience without annoying noise.

so are there any options to fix it well xiaomi’s answer is the xiaomi Box 4 a semi-in-ear earbuds with active noise canceling andis also xiaomi’s first LHDC 5.0 earbud products will it be the perfect solution.

Xiaomi Buds 4 Review

Let’s take a look the package of Xiaomi Buds 4 box is not very special, it is simple and compact on the back.

We can see that it supports Bluetooth 5.3 as well as dimensional audio I never tried dimensional audio on the semi-in-ear earbuds, So I’m curious about this actual experience.

What we get in the box of Xiaomi Buds 4?

Inside the package we can see the charging box let’s put it aside and check the accessories first we can see the user manual and the charging cable there’s nothing special okay.


Specifications of Xiaomi Buds 4
Product Xiaomi Buds 4
Earbuds Type Semi-In-Ear
Bluetooth v5.3
Driver Size 10mm( dynamic)
Battery Life 6 hours of Battery Life on a Single Charged,
Upto 30 hours of battery backup along with Case
Options in Colour Moon Shadow Black, Salt Lake White or Wilderness Green
Highlight Factor Premium Build Plus High Resolution Audio Codecs
PriceCheck Out on Amazon

Design and Build Quality

Now let’s check out the buds the Charging Case is designed much like the redmi buds 4 being an oval shape with a difference that the lid is glossy which makes it look more stylish.

And the other part of surface is a matte finish so you don’thave to worry about the surface getting scratched when you put it on the table.

Opening the lid that we can see that is stored in the same way at the Xiaomi Buds 4 Pro you can take the buds off very easily.

It’s a genius design that does a great job avoiding the problem of the charging case and mechanism causing buds to be difficult to remove at times especially when you have sweaty fingers the earbud is very light and has a good size control and it is combat body.

Xiaomi still retains three Microphone So in theory it will have a good active noise canceling and good call Quality as well on the side of the headphones.

We can see a Groove which has a pressure sensor we can squeeze to achieve different operations such as playing or pausing the music and turning on the active noise canceling however its sensitivity is not particularly good.

Touch Controls Function

The vibration feedback is weak sometimes you are not sure if you have completed operation correctly.

So if you are using it for the first time I recommend some practice to get used to it another problem is that it doesn’t support volume adjustment although Xiaomi provides multiple gesture control options.

But just not for volume adjustments when you feel the volume is high or low you can only readdress it through your phone I think this is not a good news for those who like to work out.

Ratings and Comfortable

But here’s the good news xiaomi buds 4 has ip54 ranking, so you don’t have to worry about sweat or rain xiaomi buds 4 can give most people a very comfortable wear.

Which all 14-year headphones cannot compare its shape and lightweight make your ears almost no burden and surprisingly.

The wearing is very stable even if the head moves greatly but will still not fall from your ears in these days I often wear it for a longtime to listen to music this comfortable experience makes me not even want to use those in-ear models.

Sound & Noise Cancelling

Now let’s talk about sound quality and noise canceling before you enjoy music. I must remind you that under the default settings xiaomi buds 4 will not provide the best sound quality as you can see.

It will connect your phone in AAC or SBC protocol you need to switch to LHDC in the developer options a wireless audio transmission protocol that can provide up to 1000 Kbps bitrates.

Which gives xiaomi parts for a wireless high-resolution audio certification to further improve the listening Experience.

I suggest you turn on adaptive sound and dimensional audio which allows you to experience intense sense of space and direction for supported audio and video xiaomi buds 4, sounds balanced that compare with many full Indian models.

it’s low frequency is obviously not that strong but the mid-range and the high frequency is delightful. So the vocal sound very clear and real and the triple doesn’t break at all and its dynamic range is wide enough.

So you can distinguish the sound of various instruments in different types of music very well we couldn’t find any description of the noise canceling depth on the xiaomi buds 4 .

But that makes sense because everyone’s ears were shaped differently and as a semi-engiamodel the ideal data obtained in the lab would deviate more from the actual experience of customers based on my personal experience compared to those four in-ear earbuds like earbuds Pro.

The Xiaomi Buds can only achieve about one-third of the noise canceling effect and while you can manually address a noise cancellation.

There are already only two options for you to choose from light and balance buds can only eliminate those weak low frequency noises and do little to reduce most other noises.

Which is to be expected after all its physical structure means that ambient noise can bypass it to reach your ears so my evaluation of the noise reduction function is better than nothing.

Battery Life

In terms of battery life Xiaomi Buds 4 support upto 6 hours of music playback and with a Charging Case.

You can achieve up to 30hours of use, it also supports fast charging you just need to put the Buds back into the charging case and after 10minutes they will get two point 5 hours of battery life.

Conclusion of Xiaomi Buds 4

Well this is the Xiaomi Buds 4 a semi-indian noise cancelling headset with a unique design.

It is a new lightning xiaomi’s audio product and I think it is good enough the excellent wearing experience the balance sound quality and the unique Charging Case Design is enough to convince me to buy it.

For those who want an alternative to Airpods 3 with their Android phones this is a pretty good option.

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