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Today we’re going to review out the 1more Aero True Wireless Active Noise Cancelling In-Ear Headphones , which is the first pair of true wireless earbuds from the company one more that has spatial audio.

I’m gonna go over everything you need to know about the new 1more Aero true wireless earbuds in this post. I’ve had them for about a week now.

I feel like spatial audio has always kind of come across as a gimmick most earbuds don’t even pull this off well because it just destroys the audio quality, but with this pair I think that one more has actually figured out how to make it sound impressive.

1more Aero True Wireless Active Noise Cancelling In-Ear Headphones Review:

Model Number Aero
Earbuds Type In-Ear
Highlight Factor Spatial Audio
Bluetooth V5.2
ANC Off: 7h / 28h
Global Ratings 4.1⭐ out of 5
PriceClick here…

1more Aero Design And Build Quality:

The design of this case itis much different than other one more cases on the back. You can see the pairing button on the bottom is actually where both the USBC input and the single indicator lights located and the light is what helps you gauge how much battery life is on the case.

But once you open up the lid again you can see that the earbuds are stem style and there are actually lights on the bottom of the stem. So when you put it in the case it will light up.

So that you know that they’re in and actually charging and that’s a huge plus because I’ve had tons of pairs that I’ve tested where I’ve put them in the case and they’re not just lined up just right with the pins and I think that they’re charging and they don’t actually charge so that’s not an issue with this pair of of Earbuds.

1more Aero True Wireless Earbuds is available in both black and white and as far as the design standpoint it really just looks like like 1more comfort Buds and comfort buds Pro it is the stem style design that has the pointy tip to it.

I am not the biggest fan of this design I really wish one more would come up with a different stem style design but this just really comes down to personal preference but let’s go ahead and jump right to the Spatial audio.

1more Aero Spatail Audio Quality :

The only pair that I’ve tried that I think is really effective up until this point has been the airpod pro it just does a really good job of you know head tracking. so, when we turn our head your audio is staying in certain directions and one more has figured out a way to take that and make it a little better.

1more Aero True Wireless Earbuds using gyroscopes that are actually in the earbuds but it also has dynamic head tracking.

1more Aero True Wireless Earbuds is using 10millimeter Dynamic drivers with diamond like carbon diaphragms and basically to sum up the sound of these.

it is a dynamic sounding earbud but it is definitely tuned differently than other earbuds that I’ve tested that usually go for that Dynamic Sound.

They have it where the bass has a really nice kick to it but it’s pushed back from everything else you can tell that the mids are bumped slightly forward.

So that vocalists sound a little more up front and the same thing with the treble the treble has lots of detail to it but because that bass is not right there in your face they don’t have to tune it in a way.

Where it sounds bright or harsh the treble has a nice subtle warm to neto it and mixing that with the mids that these have means that it has a pretty natural sound and and same thing with the bass you can feel it.

It doesn’t sound over processed or aggressive so it’s really pleasing to use this across all genres and another area where these Excel is the Sound Stage and the sound.

Imaging obviously if you’re going to use the spatial audio it’s going to open things up a little bit more but even in Stereo mode it sounds like you’re in a large room and this pair does an excellent job of being able to tell where different sounds are coming from.

if you turn your head up down left right any type of direction it’s very impressive how well it keeps it positioned but what makes one more Stand Out amongst a lot of the others is it still retains the same audio quality most of the other brands.

when you you switch into spatial audio you start to get crappy audio and it didn’t happen with this pair.

1more Aero Connectivity:

1more Aero True Wireless earbuds come with Bluetooth 5.2 but they only have AAC and SBC playback. so, there’s no high-resolution Bluetooth codecs on this pair but luckily I didn’t notice any kind of compression in my audio.

I also didn’t notice a whole lot of lag when it came to media in fact.

The only lag that I noticed is if you’re going to use these with gaming but with movies and music it was instant and that’s a huge plus because this is where you would probably want to use spatial audio.

1More App Support:

App will allow you to keep these updated it does have what one more calls 12 different Studio grade pre-built EQ settings. I personally just like the way that they sound out of the box you cango in and customize the EQ settings.

The way that we want it also has what they call a smart loudness feature and what this does is if you’ve ever noticed when you listen to earbuds or headphones at like lower volumes. You notice that you’re not getting the same amount of bass that you do.

If you have it turned up well the smart loudness feature has it where you can go in and adjust this your self so you can listen to these on a lower volume still feel that base impactor still get a brighter treble and not feel like you’re just dulling everything out this pair also has multi-point connections.

So you can connect to more than one device at a time but you do have to go into the experimental features section to turn this on and again I don’t know why this is experienced because this is a feature alot of people are going to want to take advantage.

1more Aero True Wireless Active Noise Cancelling Review:

The noise canceling which you can also control within the app it is using 1More’s quiet max noise canceling and it does have adaptive noise canceling.

So it will just adjust depending on your environment you can switch it into strong or mild by yourself. if you want to I will say that this is probably some of the most impressive noise canceling .

I’ve heard under a hundred dollars I mean it really does block out a lot of my surroundings but what impressed me was it blocks out people talking.

Now this is the one thing that usually leaks through on other Noise Cancelling earbuds and it’s doing a very good job of trying to block all of that out. So, I was really impressed with the noise canceling here but I was also impressed that it doesn’t affect the sound quality.

it doesn’t just start to make things sound closed in or start to muddy the sound and again this is another thing that 1more has really been good at with their other noise canceling earbuds.

They have a wind reduction mode so if you’re out riding your bike or running and it’sa windy day you can have it where it’s blocking that out and not affecting your audio and I will also say that the transparency mode is done really well.

Mic Quality of 1 More Aero Earbuds

The mics on here are pretty sensitive, so there is a little bit of digital noise in the train transparency mode but it is very easy to hear your surroundings. It’s very easy to hear people talking and you can definitely carry on a conversation without taking the earbuds out from Ear.

if you are going to use this pair for taking phone calls 1more Aero earbuds has six microphones total with these and they’re also using a DNN algorithm to focus in on your voice and try to block out a lot of your surroundings. so people on the other line don’t hear that.

Overall I’m really impressed at how well it picks up my voice in fact it sounds fairly natural. Now it does still have some digital noise to it but this is what it would sound like if you were to take a call.

What you get in the box ?

Inside the Box you do get:

  • Four sets of silicone ear tips
  • Come with a USB Type C cable but like I mentioned earlier where you can get the wireless charger.
  • Qi Wireless Charging
  • Manual

Battery Life & Charging Time:

The charging battery life is decent I wouldn’t say that it’s one of the best that I’ve seen because if you’re going to use these with the ANC off you can get about 7hours on the earbuds themselves with about 28 hours using the case.

But if you do want to just use them with the ANC on that’s going to drop it down to 5hours on the earbuds in about 20 hours total using the case.

A huge plus here is, if you did forget to charge them and you went to pick them up and they’re dead this pair does have a really nice nice fast charge feature where a 15minute charge will give you 3hours of use.

Touch Controls of 1more Aero Earbuds:

Luckily you can go in the app because out of the box these do not not give you control over everything in fact you only have double-tap and triple-tap functions this pair does have Smart sensors. So, it will pause when you take them out of your ears.

So I went into my settings and had it where the double tap would control my track control and then my triple tap would be my volume control and I just had it where when I took them out it would pulse.

So I do feel like it’s limited with the controls but there is a way to get control over everything. if you’re willing to take your earbuds out and have them pause that way.

Final Thoughts:

My overall opinion is this if you can get past the look or maybe the look doesn’t even bother you and you’re not looking for high-end Bluetooth codecs there’s really not much that this pair doesn’t have to offer because

you’re getting a really impressive Noise-Cancelling you’re getting Qi wireless charging you’re getting multi-point connections. so you can connect to more than one device at a time and having smart sensors kind of allows you to have control over everything.

which I still would like a single tap function but maybe they can add that in a firmware update but you mix all that with the fact that these have really impressive sound quality you can go in and tweak the sound.

if you want to change a couple of things but I think one more really focused on spatial audio and didn’t just throw a setting that added Reverb to the sound to kind of make it sound fake.

I was impressed with the spatial audio which you can tell is the focus with this pair but they didn’t pull back on the other features so the one more Aero is a pair that I can highly recommend.

  1. How To Pair 1more Aero True Wireless Active Noise Cancellation ?

    1) If headphones cannot pair normally when power on. Open the case, triple tap the pairing button to initial searching for Left & Right pairing, and then click “1MORE Aero” in the device pairing list.
    2) To pair the headphones to a new device, simply place them into the charging case and triple tap the pairing button. Then click “1MORE Aero” in the new device pairing list to connect.

  2. How To Use 1more Aero True Wireless Active Noise Cancellation ?

    The default setting of the headphones is “ANC Off”, long press the touch control area of the earbuds to switch between “ANC-Off”, “ANC-Strong” and “Pass-through”.
    “ANC-Mild”, “WNR (Wind Noise Resistance), “ANC-Adaptive” options are available via 1MORE MUSIC APP.

    Once the listening mode has been set up in the APP, they will be memorized by the headphones allowing you to switch modes based on your settings.

  3. what is spatial audio with dynamic head tracking ?

    Spatial audio with dynamic head tracking brings theater-like sound from the movie or video you're watching, so that sound seems like it's coming from all around you.

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