Boat Airdopes 381 Reviews – Great Hidden Awesome Features!

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Are you looking for the Boat Airdopes 381 Full Review? If Yes than you are in the right post.

So be claimed and Be with us this till the end of Post to know full Details of Boat Airdopes 381. To take a clear decision is Boat Airdopes 381 is Worth to Buy or Not? in Mar 2023 . Which had lunch in India in Year of 2020.

In this Post We will Review In Depth of Boat Airdopes 381 along with table of review so , you Easily Get Understood. What we Trying to Say about this Earbuds. We gonna Talk About:

  • Design and Build Quality,
  • Connectivity,
  • Sound, Calling and ENx Technology,
  • Battery Life & Charging Time
  • And Obviously Pro’s & Con’s.

Boat Airdopes 381 Specifications & Price Review in Mar 2023

  • In Ear Wireless Earbuds,
  • 7mm Rhythmic Dynamic Drivers,
  • Bluetooth v5.0,
  • IPX5 Sweat & Water Resistance Technology,
  • Nonstop Music UpTo 20 Hours,
  • Price In India
  • Come in Eight Colour Options.

Boat Airdopes 381 Pro’s & Con’s:


  • IPX5 Rating
  • So Many Colours Options
  • Comes With Matt Finish
  • Fast Charging


  • Decent Calling Experience
  • Not Recommended for Pro Gamer
  • Bass and Treble are not good Compair to Price
  • Not Suitable for Working or Gymer

What we get in the box?

Design and Build Quality:

Design and Build Quality
Product BoAt Airdopes 381
Build With Decent Plastic
Earbuds Type In Ear
Reset Button Yes
Durability of Charging Case Decent
Charging Port Type-C

In terms of Design and Build Quality: We noticed that the Charging Case of this Earbuds was Comes with Matt finish texture but not good quality of Build as my preference.

We can easily Open charging case with single handed and the magnet of Case is Also a quite decent, it hold so strong as i Shake the Charging Case.

The Case are Very Compact So, We can easily Carry it In our Pocket Without Knowing Others.

On the bottom of the Charging Case you’re gonna get a Type-C Charging Port and also when we open the Case we gonna get a Reset Button in Middle of Earbuds.

The Earbuds Design are trendy look and plus it have some features that help us in our day-to-day activity. The Feature that this Earbuds Provide Us is Ipx5 Rating for dust and water resistance, ASAP Charging and IWP Tech.

The Earbuds fits perfectly fine and give you not at secure fit but a decent secure not the top notch one.

Touch Controls Function:

Touch Controls Function
Pause/Play the TrackTap the Capacitive Touch Control to play/pause music at your convenience.
Next TrackWhen playing music in stereo mode, double click the right Earbuds Capacitive Touch Control to play the next track.
Previous Track When playing Music in stereo mode, double click the left Earbuds Capacitive Touch Control to play the previous track.
Answer Incoming Call / Hang Up Tap the Capacitive Touch Control once to Answer any incoming call,
Once again to Hang Up once done talking.
Reject Call Double tap the Capacitive touch control to reject an incoming call
Active Voice Assistant Press the Capacitive Touch Control for 2 seconds to activate voice assistant.
Volume Up/ Down The volume cannot be changed from the earbuds, the volume will have to be adjusted via the connected device

Please Note: You cannot change tracks when in mono mode. (Next/ Previous Track)

• Some Problem We Faced:

One Side Earbuds not Working:- If one side not working, then simply put back both earbuds in the case or perform “Factory Reset”

Earbuds not in scan mode:- If Earbuds not in Scan mode (NoRed/Blue LED blink on left or Right Earbuds) Simply put back both the earbuds in case and take out again or perform “Factory Reset”


Product Boat Airdopes 381
Bluetooth v5.0
Bluetooth Range 10mtr
IWP Tech™Yes
Dual Pairing N/A

In terms of Connectivity: we get bluetooth v5.0 which gives around 10mtr Range Plus We get Instant Wake Pair Technology that allows us just connect instant as we open Charging Case.

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I expect that we gonna get dual Pair Technology but seriously i am sad to know this Earbuds not comes with that. It Works Smooth as we used in the range around 10mtr.

Sound, Calling and ENx Technology:

Sound, Calling and ENx Technology
Product BoAt Airdopes 381
Vocal Seperation Yes
ENx Technology Yes
Mic Setup N/A
Driver Size 7mm
Driver Type Moving Coil
Audio Codec Support N/A
BassQuite Good
Trable Decent
Volume Output Quite Good
Frequency Response Range 20Hz-20,000Hz
Calling Experience Decent

In terms of Sound Quality: i expected that this Earbuds Support High-end Audio Codecs but not the list, it sound separation is Quite good but the 7mm of dynamic driver what we can get.

Compair to driver Size of Earbuds gives decent volume Output, the Bass Are Quite good not. The Bass are nor Punchy they give a decent bass.

The Calling Experience according to me not bad at all nor great, i could its a decent performance and one thing more its doesn’t cutoff background noise.

I have use this Earbuds so many times and it gives me a shocking results. The touch response of this Earbuds are so great.

Battery Life & Charging Time:

Battery Life & Charging Time
Product BoAt Airdopes 381
Battery Capacity 50mah Each Earbuds,
500mah Charging Case
Battery Life (3.5 – 4)Hours of Earbuds
Charging Port Type-C
Charging Time 1 Hours
Charging Case Weight 40g
Fast Charging Yes ( 5 Min of Charge = 1 Hours of Playback Time)

In this Earbuds we get UpTo 20 Hours of Battery Life of Charging Case and (3.5 – 4) Hours of Each Earbuds. This Earbuds support fast that’s is (5mins charge = 1hours of Playtime).

It Comes with Type-C Charging Port that help us to charge fast, the Charging Time of this Earbuds Charging Case is 1 Hours.

Price Range:

Price Range History
Lowest Price 999/-(About a Year Ago)
Orginal Price2499/-
Best Price To BuyUnder 1400/-
Current Price click here to know
Average Price 1964/- ( Based on 1348 Days)

The maximum price ever seen is Rs 2499/-while the minimum price ever seen is Rs 999/-. boAt Airdopes 381 is good to buy for under RS 1400/-.

Overall Performance Rating:

Overall Performance Rating
Design & Build Quality 4.5 Out Of 5
Connectivity 4.8 Out Of 5
Sound, Calling and ENx Technology4.0 Out Of 5
Comfort and Fit 4.3 Out Of 5
Battery Life & Charging Time 4.7 Out Of 5
Global Rating ⭐4.8 Out Of 5


What is the difference between New Boat Airdopes 381 vs Old Boat Airdopes 381?

👉 The difference between New Boat Airdopes 381 vs Old Boat Airdopes 381 is only three things that are:-

  1. How To Factory Reset Boat Airdopes 381

    To Do Factory Reset Boat Airdopes 381:
    Ensure The earbuds are inside the case.
    Step 1.Long press the CTC for 10 seconds while the earbuds are inside, and wait till purple and red led flashes.
    Step 2. Take out earbuds out of the charging case, and wait for blue led to flash Proceed to put the earbuds back again in the case.
    Step 3. Red led should igni indicating that it is charging.
    Congratulations, factory reset is completed.

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