Boult Audio Maverick Reviews – Killer Look with Excellent Gaming

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Boult Audio Maverick Review- Best Gaming TWS with 45ms Low Latency For 1499

Hi Everyone,

I have reviewed Newly Launched Boult Audio Maverick with Quad Mic ENC and 35 Hours of Playtime.

This Boult Audio Maverick is comes with 45ms of Low Latency. I have done the Gaming Test for this Boult Audio Maverick, So that you can judge better.

And I have done Music & Call Test as well to give you an idea, how this new Boult Audio Maverick is performing. Hope you will like the post ❤️❤️❤️

Boult Audio Maverick Review: Price, Specs & More

Boult Audio Maverick Specification
ProductBoult Audio Maverick
Model NameAudio Maverick
Type of Earbuds In-Ear
Highlight Factor Gaming with 45ms low latency
Connect With Bluetooth
Weight 78 grams
Warranty 1 Year
Global RatingN/A
Available Flipkart & Boult Audio

What is in the box?

As we unbox the package we see:-

  • True Wireless Earbuds
  • Charging Case
  • Charging Cable
  • Warranty Registration Document
  • User Manual
  • 2 Extra Ear-tips

Goods & Bads


  • Compact And Unique Design
  • Latest Bluetooth v5.3
  • Support Instant Wake N Pair(IWP) Technology
  • Almost 70-80% Cancellation Noise Of Background
  • Awesome Gaming Experience with latency rate of 45ms


  • Not Support High-Resolution Audio Codecs
  • Vocal and Instrument are not clearly hear

Design and Bulid Quality :

Boult Audio Maverick Case Lids look semi-transparent and on top of that, we will see the branding boult Audio Maverick. Charging case is quite cool, with all those UFO 👽 inspired LEDs. Everytime you open the case or close it, these light start glowing and dimming and repeat. They’re dope.

It has a Type-C Fast Charging Port in a case on the back side of the case with Fast Charging Support (10Mins Charge = 120Mins Playback Time). Plus beside the charging Port, we also see a LED indicator light. And On the front side, we will see an RGB Light that looks awesome. But its blinks only in one colour blue.

When we open the Case of Boult Audio Maverick, we see a blink of the same colour of RGB Light as a case. Inside the Charging Case, there are specifically mentioned left and right channels.

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The build quality of case lids is decent and the support structure made for lids is small in width. So I think if we use continuously open and close the lid may break the lid’s support part. Overall Design and Build Quality of Charging Case Are Quite Durable & Unique, I like it.

Let’s talk about the Earbuds, the Earbuds come in steam type In-Ear design. On top it we will see LED light on the blaze pattern.

But this led lights only blinks if we enter Gaming Mode. On Normal Mode, it doesn’t blink almost off. We get Ipx5 so if we use it a little rainy, not have an issue with it.

Apart from this, the case and earbuds are very compact and comfortable. The lightweight earbuds do not disturb your earbuds and you will enjoy listening to them for a long time. We will not face any type wearing while jogging or excercise time.

Button Controls & Commands

Double Tap Play/ Pause Track
Long Press To Switch Previous/ Forward Track
Tripple TapTo On Voice Assistant
Gaming ModeHold Right Side Of Earbuds Atleast 10 second


Boult Audio Maverick Come with latest bluetooth v5.3 Support And Plus we get (Instant Wake N Pair) Technology’s. Due this Technology used it get instantly connect to already connected device. But my friends there is no High Resolution audio Codecs Support In this Earbuds, It Comes with SBC Audio Codecs Support.

Here’s How to connect ?

  • Turn on the Bluetooth functionality on your phone/media device and scan for new devices.
  • Find Boult Maverick and pair accordingly The earbuds will be connected to your device.

Music And Calling Quality

Boult Audio Maverick Come with 10mm driver and we have tested music quality. We will share the music experience we get ,….

My friends if we talk about music quality of this Earbuds, its gives us boomy bass. So no doubt in this Earbuds vocal and instrument are not clearly hear. In Compair of price it should have little batter music experience but not get….

Boult Audio Maverick Come with Quad Mic Setup, we have done a test of call quality in indoor wher fan and music is on. So we will give you best overall experience of call quality…..

Call Quality are quite good as i use in indoor but noisy environment but its cancelled (70%-80%) of Background Noise. And Plus while Gaming Also No drop on call quality.

Gaming Experience

To Enter Game Mode we need to hold atleast 10 second to right side Earbuds. After this Manual input we enter to gaming Mode with low latency rate of 45ms.

We tried our best efforts of gaming to How the proper Gaming Mode works. So we can easily decide how good this Earbuds in terms of gaming.

For Gaming Experience this Earbuds blow my mind, i get low latency rate gaming Experience. I Recommend my friends you if you are are dedicated Gamer…

Battery Life

  • Earbuds without the case 6 to 7 hours
  • Earbuds with Case 1 or 2 days max (As per my usual usage).
  • The case charges from 0 to 100 in 1.5 hours and the Maverick takes about an hour or less.
  • The buds can be used 4-5 times a day. At 60% volume, the buds can stay up to 5 hours max.
  • At 90% or above volume the buds can stay up to 4.5 hours max.

Rating Performance

Activity Ratings
Design ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Comfort ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Gym Or Excercise ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Our Final thoughts about Boult Audio Maverick Review

Boult Audio Maverick Has Great In terms of Design, Comfort, Calling And Workout best recommend for you my friends but if you are Music Lovers than i recommend to look a list that has great Music Bass Experience click here

People Also Ask

  1. How to activate Google Voice Assistant/Siri on Boult Maverick ?

    Tap three times of any side of Earbuds to activate Voice Assistant/Siri on Boult Maverick

  2. How to reset Boult Maverick?

    Long Press both the Earbuds for 10 second to factory reset.

  3. How to enter Gaming Mode On Boult Audio Maverick ?

    Yes this Earbuds is Compatible all devices

  4. How to enter Gaming Mode On Boult Audio Maverick ?

    Hold Right Side Of Earbuds Atleast 10 second …

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