New OPPO Enco X2 Review Full Review! ANC & More For Under 15000

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Oppo Enco X2 True Wireless Stereo (TWS) Earphones Summary :

True wireless earbuds are all the popularity right now. The companies launching budget tws with the good quality audio performance there are a lot of options for the consumer to choose from oppo has recently launched the Oppo Enco X2 which comes as the successor to the Oppo Enco x which was launched last year previous model the Oppo Enco X2 earbuds come with a host of new upgrades such as better battery performance and tweaks to the audio quality in our True Earbuds review. we find out if these are the best tws in the under 15k segment


  • Excellent sound quality
  • Support for multiple codecs
  • Sturdy build, comfortable in-ear fit
  • IP54 dust and moisture resistance
  • Configurable controls and sound profiles
  • Pinch Gesture control on the buds
  • Good call quality
  • Support for fast charging and wireless charging


  • ANC could have been better
  • Average battery backup with ANC on
  • Little tricky gesture controls

Oppo Enco X2 Design and Comfort :

Model Number Oppo Enco X2
Build With Premium Plastic
Durability Of CaseDecent( Easily Get Scratch)
Design of Case Pebble
Design of Earbuds Stem
Type of Earbuds In-Ear
Weight of Each Buds 4.7g
Stable Of Earbuds ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Comfortable level of Earbuds ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Overall 4.5 out of 5

The design of the case not much has changed from the Oppo enco x except, for the fact that you don’t have the metal band running along the sides and this case is slightly chunkier now basically the x2 started design has more batter now.

The case of Oppo Enco X2 Comes glossy and so it can get easily scratched over a period which I notice. The Dynaudio logo on the hinge and the battery status indicator along with it is placed. Type-C port at the bottom. The wireless charging coil is placed on the front side.

The OPPO Enco X2 earbuds come in two colors: white and black. The integrated body design hides neat lines in a round shape. The industry-leading paint technology used for the black version gives a ceramic-like texture, making it a joy to both use and behold.

I strongly recommend you to buy the black variant of these Earbuds instead of white because it is very difficult to keep off the earwax at the grime that accumulates over a long period of usage.

We can easily open and close the lid with one finger in one swooping motion which is one of the very good things about this case.

The Oppo Enco X2 earbuds have the same design as the Oppo Enco X, considering that the new black patch indicates the left and the right channels. The Buds are compact, rounded, and have a short stem design.

The swipe gestures for volume control are present but the rest of the functions like playback and calls are now handled by pinch gestures. The pinch gestures work well and avoid the lodging of buds from the ears regularly.

Pinch commands you can pinch this stem to play pause music or you know even change music or accept calls all of those things. Now unfortunately in my time with the earphones, the pinch commands are not very intuitive primarily because my pudgy fingers couldn’t press them easily.

Then you know I just ended up using you know play Pause controls on the phone itself but that’s it the oppo enco x is a cool feature. Where you could swipe up and down the stem to you know to increase or decrease the volume that continues to exist.

But it has taken a very weird shape and from right now and I don’t know why oppo had to go ahead and change that because right now if you want to increase the volume or decrease the volume you can’t do it from here you have to do it from the front face out here and that’s kind of very weird to do if you ask me therefore overall the controls have become slightly more unintuitive.

Stability Works Well, If you shake your head while working out with it’s. It’s not gonna fall off your ears at least in my experience it hasn’t. The ear tips are thicker than Enco Buds X but are made of silicone and are thus comfortable to wear in the ears for long durations.The buds are made of plastic and have a smooth texture and glossy finish.

It also gets support for the ip54 rating on the bugs itself which means protection against sweat, dust, and minor water splashes, and is light in weight as well.

Oppo Enco X2 Battery Life & Connectivity :

Model Number Oppo Enco X2
Bluetooth v5.2
Bluetooth Range 10m
Dual Pairing Yes
Charging Time Each Buds 60 minutes,
Buds with case 90 minutes
Touch Controls Gesture (pinch & swipe)
Fast Charging Support Yes(10 watts)
Wireless Charging Yes
Charging Port Type-C
Battery Capacity N/A
Playback Time 5.5 Hours
Latency rate 94ms
Overall 4.5 Out of 5
Oppo Enco X2 Battery Life & Connectivity :

Oppo claims that the Oppo Enco X2 can last upto 5.5 hours with ANC enabled. The buds support 10 watts charging it takes about an hour to charge the buds, while it takes about 90 minutes for the case to be fully charged.

Oppo Enco X2 Sound and Features :

Model Number Oppo Enco X2
Driver Type (Dynamic+ Planar Diaphragm)
Drivers size11mm + 6mm
Clarity in vocal (While Calling)Great
Music LoudnessGreat
Noise Cancellation Yes(ANC)
Frequency 20Hz-40,000Hz
Bass & Balance Quality ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Audio CodecLHDC, LDAC & AAC
Overall 5 out of 5

Oppo Enco X2 has tried to pack as many features as it could and we’re not saying that it is a bad thing. Oppo Enco X2 is loaded with it starting off with the fact that you get support for every single hi-res codec out there apart from aac you get support for LHDC and an update added support for LDAC as well. You can change the codec from within the app itself and you don’t have to fiddle around in the developer settings like sometimes you have to when you know the Bluetooth settings doesn’t showcase the high-resolution Codec available.

It’s actually very conducive and in fact it can also show you whether your phone actually supports the hi-res codec or not which is very very useful.

It has tied up with the nordic company dyna audio to develop the super DB coaxial dual driver system to bring to you the best sound quality.

Oppo Enco X2 has put in the effort with the sound quality and that is visible the sound comes with well-balanced mids and treble and the bass is not overpowering the vocals are crystal clear and make for an enjoyable listening experience.

if you are someone who loves to listen to audiobooks and podcasts you will not be disappointed

ANC features these are pretty decent and blocks ambient sound. When the max mode is enabled it comes in mild moderate max and smart mode. We weren’t too impressed with the first two modes but the max mode left us happy. That the anc is not the best and there are other tws that offer batter experiences.

Game mode for low latency and a feature called golden sound. Which actually you know tunes the audio based on the shape of your ear canal and then there’s a personalized noise cancellation available as well. Plus there’s an earbud fit test which tells you whether the earbuds are fitting you properly or not. But i saved the best for last and that’s dual connection.

Yes Oppo Enco X2 has the same really cool feature that was introduced by realme. in the real me buzz air 3. Basically you can connect your laptop and your phone at the same time to the oppo enco x2. So,say for example if you’re playing a video on the laptop and you’re going to call on the phone the audio immediately switches to the phone itself because it intuitively realises that that’s where the sound needs to beat the moment and you know what in my time with the device it worked pretty well

You can download the hey melody app from either the play store or the app Store. Customize your sound profile as per your choice to u can toggle the intensity of the ANC mode customize the eqlizersound profile and do a lot more within the app as per your preferences.


The Oppo Enco x2 is priced at rs 10999, Oppo has packed the buds with as many features as it could. It delivers on most fronts a good od battery Backup, a power pack sound profile and a premium build quality. All these make the Oppo Enco X2 a worthy competitor in this segment. if you’re looking for a no-fast tws these are the ones to be considered.


What is the driver size of Oppo Enco X2 buds ?

11mm Dynamic + 6mm Planar Diaphragm

It has tied up with the nordic company dyna audio to develop the super DB coaxial dual driver system to bring to you the best sound quality.

Oppo Enco X2 waterproof?

The Oppo Enco X2 support for the ip54 rating on the bugs itself which means protection against sweat, dust, and minor water splashes, and is light in weight as well.

Does Oppo Enco X2 have Dolby Atmos?

The OPPO Enco X2 earbuds can record what you hear and retain crystal clear, natural, and crisp audio, allowing you to record those wonderful moments as they were.

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