OnePlus Nord Buds CE Price in India & Quick ⚡⚡ Review

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In this post, we are going to give you an exact review of the OnePlus Nord Buds CE, which is recently launched in India. Comes with Budget Friendly Tags.

One thing I want to share with you my friends is that Buds Ce not as good as OnePlus Co Claim or any other post or video you have watched or read.

I have also bought the OnePlus Nord Buds CE by reading and watching YouTube video Reviews and but not work well, So I decided to share my opinion about these Buds launched by OnePlus, That’s i experienced while using this Earbuds.

So let’s get began ;

In Reality their performance are huge difference than company claim

OnePlus Nord Buds CE True Wireless Earbud Specs :

Brand One Plus
ModelOne Plus Nord Buds CE
Driver13.4mm Dynamic
Bluetooth v5.2 10mtr range
Audio Codecs SBC,AAC
Charging PortType-C
Total Battery Life20hours

What will You Get in the box?

  • 1 Pair of Earbuds with Charging Case,
  • User Guide,
  • Safety and Warranty Card,
  • Brand Sticker,
  • Charging Cable,
  • Red Cable Club Welcome Card

The OnePlus Nord Buds CE Comes with Two different colour like

  • Moonlight White & Misty Grey

I had tried my best efforts to give you the all datails as OnePlus Nord Co Mentioned On Top of Their Box .

OnePlus Nord Buds CE Design and Comfort :

Product OnePlus Nord Buds Ce
Design of Case Curved And Rounded (Compact to Carry)
Design of Earbuds Stem (Half-In-Ear)
Build Quality Average (Glossy finish)
Comfortable No (Pain after Couple of Hours)
Touch AccuracyGreat
Stable No
Overall 3 out of 5 ⭐⭐⭐
OnePlus Nord Buds CE Design and Comfort

Lets first talk about the design of One Plus Nord Buds Ce : Case Design of One Plus Nord Buds Ce Comes with Eeg type of shape and it’s a compact design. Case of One Plus Nord Buds Ce has build with decent plastic,And also glossy finish. So it can easily get Scratches while used it in your day-to-day uses.

In the front of case you will se a Battery Indicator Light & on down you will see a Type-C Charging Port

One thing more about the case I had felt about the way that’s from the day I use- since till, does it is how weak the hinge feels, l feel like if I accidentally open it too much it’ll just break! It’s soft but I’m not sure if I’m supposed to feel like this is going to just break!

Earbuds Design of One Plus Nord Buds Ce is stem with Half-In-Ear but without silicon ears tips and also not fitted well. The Stability & Comfortable of wearing One Plus Nord Buds Ce. Worst Performance Ever i have use in terms of comfort or stability. The Earbuds are Light Weight Compair To Other ear buds i use, in my experience.

In my Experience, i feel a pain in Ear in just half an hour of Using. Personally My Opinion Will not to buy, In term of durable of Case, stability and Comfortable.

OnePlus Nord Buds CE Battery and Connectivity :

Battery Capacity Each earbud: 27 mAh,
Charging case: 300 mAh
Playtime (when fully charged)Playback: 4.5 hours &
Phone call: 3 hours.
Combined playback: 20 hours(Approx)
Fast Charging Yes,Charge 10 mins for 81 mins playback (Charging Case + Earbuds Combined)
Bluetooth v5.2
Wireless Range Of Bluetooth 10mtr
Ipx Rating IPX4 splash resistance
Overall 4.5 Out Of 5
OnePlus Nord Buds CE Battery and Connectivity

OnePlus Nord Buds CE comes in two smooth and subtle colourways, Moonlight White and Misty Grey. The design of the case is curved and rounded design, also light and portable, with a weight of 3.5g for each bud and 33g for the case.

In terms of Battery & Connectivity outstanding performance but One, I miss here high-resolution audio quality known as LHDC & LDAC. Its Comes with the latest Bluetooth connectivity but I Don’t know why it is the auto-pairing works not smooth as they claimed.

Nord Buds CE battery life lets you enjoy your favourite music for up to 4.5 hours with the buds and 20 hours with the charging cases. Also, It supports fast charging which gives us the to charge Nord Buds CE for just 10 minutes for an additional 81 mins of listening time, or use the case and get up to a 3 to 4-hour listening time.

I faced an issue ⚠️ that it shows an issue while I tried to connect my iOS phone, and we have downloaded the hey melody app to use High-resolution audio.

This One Plus Nord Buds Ce Specially Made for their OnePlus User Only Works Smoothly but Not For Android User.

OnePlus Nord Buds CE Sound,Calling and Features :

Product OnePlus Nord Buds Ce
Sound Quality Very Loud
Bass Quality Decent
Call Quality Good
Driver13.4(Dynamic Driver)
Driver Sensitivity128+ -3db
Frequency Response20 Hz- 20,000 Hz
Supported Audio FormatsAAC, SBC
Latency 94ms
Features Comes with One Plus Nord Buds Ce •OnePlus Fast Pair
•Sound Master Equalizer( Works On on Hey Melody App)
Overall 4 Out Of 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐
OnePlus Nord Buds CE Sound and Features

One Plus Nord Buds Ce Comes with 13.4(Dynamic Driver) Which give Us very loud sound No doubts. if we listen a Music on the volume range upto 70% than their will be no leakage of Sound but if we start to listen a Music on the volume range upto (80-90%) or More their is a leakage of Sound. Easily Can Heard By Your Friends or family member who is sitting near by you.

One Plus Nord Buds Ce Comes with different modes of Sound : Bass, Serenade, Gentle & Balanced. In this different modes Balance Mode Works well According My experienced in terms of Vocal Clarity, Music Separation And Trable. Bass Quality You Get in this buds is Decent Nor Loud Nor Puchy.

Bass Mode : In this mode Not Actually bass was boost, noisy sound when i used bass mode. I have not expected with this mode

Serenade Mode : In this mode bass will totally cancel only focus on Vocal Clarity.

Gentle Mode : In this mode give us low and soft sound.

Balanced Mode : In this mode bass are not power full a quite good, sound and music are clearly satisfied according my experience.

Call Quality : It comes with AI Noise Cancellation features, which give us a quite good call quality. As i use to call in outdoor places according to my experience. It Cut off 90% of Noise Of My Background and easily understand of voice while we call during outdoor places.

Touch Controls Function:

Single TapPlay/ Pause
Double TapNext Track,
Answer or End a Call
Triple Tap Voice Assistant,
Enter Game Mode

Gaming Experience : One Plus Nord Buds Ce Comes with dedicated Gaming Mode, and One Plus Claim that it gives us latency 94ms of Gaming Experience. According to me It justify, Works Smoothly. Without Gaming Mode or With Gaming Mode I feel it give same gaming Experience according to me.

As I test on One Plus Smartphone May be the Reason of Works as smoothly. The Gaming Experience Is vary depending Phone to Phone upon Also but the Claim of One Plus Nord it works well for me.


  • Gaming Mode 94ms
  • Affordable price


  • Not Comfortable
  • Bass Are Neither Power Nor Punchy
  • Earbud are not fitted well to everyone ear


If you want to take this buds in terms of gaming experience no doubts you should buy it but before you decide to buy. Please Note that you will feel a pain if you wear it for a longer hours.

I will not recommend to them who wants to buy this buds in terms of Music listening,Workout & Casual. I Strictly Suggest Not to With Earbuds.

Thanks From True Earbuds !

May Something i Miss or disinformation about anything about this Buds please let me know on my Comments box 🔻❤️❤️❤️

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